Pierre Joseph and Celestine 'Granny' Descant

Thank you Ed Dugas for awaking us to the memories of our beloved Granny.  Your hard work and love of family is reflected by your works in "Granny's Family Album" I & II. We hope, as in your "Granny's Family Album", this website will be passed on to Granny's Family for generations to come.  We dedicate "Granny's Family Web Page" to Pierre and Granny in your honor for your hard work, love and dedication in keeping Granny's family together.   



Pierre Joseph "Pete" Descant was born on September 29, 1880 and died on November 19, 1933.  Pete is the son of Hypolite and Virginia Aymond Descant

Celestine Mary "Granny" Armand-Descant was born on June 18, 1891 and died November 1, 1978.  Granny is the daughter of Edgar and Celestine Ducote-Descant.

 Ancestors of Pierre Joseph Descant, Sr.


Children (14) Of Pierre Joseph Descant, Sr. And Celestine "Granny" Mary Armand

Leonora Mary Descant

Lizera Mary Descant

Clophine Mary Descant

Larma Herman Descant, born August 13, 1910; married Dora Lemoine October 12, 1932.

Isabel Mary Descant, born May 30, 1912; married Roy Rabalais December 25, 1941.

Edgar Paul Descant, born March 01, 1915; married Lillian Mathews February 17, 1935.

Elise Mary Descant, born December 29, 1915 in Whiteville, La. ?; married William P. Trump July 05, 1942.

Louise Mary Descant, born December 29, 1915; married Felix Rachal June 02, 1947.

Leo Joseph Descant, born July 08, 1918; married Aline LaCompe September 21, 1937.

Cecilia Mary Descant, born January 20, 1920; married Willis Rachal October 11, 1938.

Murry Joseph Descant, born October 02, 1922; died May 30, 1977; married Dorothy LaCour June 08, 1947.

Marvin Joseph Descant, born August 15, 1924; died in WWII.

Pierre Joseph Descant,Jr., born December 23, 1925; married Eura V. Armand February 27, 1949.

Eura Vee Theresa Descant, born September 25, 1928; died 1976; married Nolan Ortego July 06, 1946.

Please view the Pete and Granny's family Excel database put together by their Grandson son Walter Joseph "Dub" Dugas, Jr.  Thanks Dub for all of your hard work.


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