Paul Elbria Barron and Lizera "Zie" Descant-Barron


Lizera Mary (Zie) was the second child born to Mary Celestine Armand and Pierre Joseph Descant. Lizera was born on July 2, 1906 in Dora.  Zie's husband, Paul Elbria Barron, was born on December 24, 1900 in Bayou Jacque.  Lizera and Paul were married on July 6, 1926 at St. Mary Assumption Church in Cottonport.  Zie lived with her Jeanette for many years.

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The children of Paul Elbria Barron and Lizera Mary Descant-Barron are as follows:

    Verlee Theresa McCoy (Ver_ - July 26, 1927 - Bayou Rouge       
    Paul Elbria Barron, Jr. (Jr) - Apr. 28, 1931 - Bayou Rouge
    Jeanette Rita Armand (Nette) - August 28, 1932 - Bayou Rouge

Paul's family is as follows:
Mother Aglorvina Saucier - Feb. 23, 1874 - Plaucheville
Father Ernest Barron - Dec. 28, 1857 - Bayou Jacques
Sisters Lillian Haydel (Lil) Jan. 23, 1895 - Bayou Jacques;  Maybell Barron - May 22, 1901 - Bayou Jacques
Brothers Wilbon Barron - Jul. 5, 1888 - Bayou Jacques;  Wilfred Barron (Ted) - Aug. 12, 1890 - Bayou Jacques; 
Leo Barron - Sep. 12, 1892 - Bayou Jacques; Persey Barron - Mar. 1, 1904 - Bayou Jacques; 
George Barron - May 15, 1905 -Bayou Jacques

Please view the Paul's and Zie's family database put together by their nephew Walter Joseph "Dub" Dugas.

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Dale Descant:  Aunt Zie always had a hot cup of coffee and a piece of apple or pecan pie waiting for Sandra and I on our many visits to Bro and Jeanette's house while we were on leave from the Navy.  Aunt Zie would tell us many stories of my Dad, Pega, -her younger brother- and the mischief he could get into...  I miss them both dearly.  I never met my Uncle Paul.

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