Louis Clave Riche and Leonora Mary Descant-Riche


Leonora Mary (Nora) was the first child born to Mary Celestine Armand and Pierre Joseph Descant. Leonora was born on February 3, 1904 in Dora.  Nora's husband, Louis Clave (Beb) Riche was born on March 13, 1897 in Bayou Rouge. Leonor and Clave were married on October 29, 1925 at St. Mary Assumption Church in Cottonport.  Leonora loved visiting her children and working with potted plants.

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The children of Louis Clave Riche & and Leonora Mary Descant-Riche are as follows:

    Harold Riche (Dee) - Dec. 17, 1927 - Karo          
    Norris Joseph Riche ( Te Na) - Jan. 7, 1931 - Bayou Rouge
    Louis Clave Riche (Te Neg, L.C.) - Sept. 26, 1934 - Bayou Rouge
    Beverly Ann Riche (Bell) - Feb. 2, 1936 - Bayou Rouge

Clave's family is as follows:
Mother Angela Mary Grimillion - Jan. 15, 1860 - Marksville
Father Joseph Raymond Riche - Aug. 7, 1862 - Bayou Rouge
Sisters Beatrice St. Martin - Nov. 19, 1886 - Bayou Rouge;  Corine Normand - Sept. 25, 1891 - Bayou Rouge; 
Hattie Margaret Grimillion - Jan. 12, 1895 - Bayou Rouge;  Aline Marie Ducote - Feb. 17, 1899 - Bayou Rouge; 
Mabel Neck - Apr. 27, 1903 - Bayou Rouge
Brothers Ferdus Sam Riche - Aug. 14, 1883 - Bayou Rouge;  Joseph Raymond Riche - Jun 13, 1891 - Bayou Rouge; 
Adelma Cletus Riche - Oct. 8, 1888 - Bayou Rouge

Please view the Clave's and Leonora's family database put together by their nephew Walter Joseph "Dub" Dugas.

Memories From:

Dale Descant:  Aunt Nora and Uncle Clave lived only a block from where I grew up.  Aunt Nora would let me move plants and stuff around.  She was always in her yard.  Her front porch had more plants than you'll find at any Lowes.  Uncle Clave would let me grind corn with his hand operated grinder.  Uncle Clave was a very smart man.

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