M.D. and Alida Descant

I do not know much about the parents of M.D. Descant, Sr.  and Alida Armand-Descant.  I do have some information on M.D. Descant, Jr.  and his children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. 

Your interest and participation is appreciated. 
I can put three alternating pictures!!!
        Descant Family

      Descant Friendly


Metreades Dwight Descant, Sr. was born on __________ and died on ____________.  M.D.  is the son of _________________________.

Alida Armand-Descant was born on __________ and died __________.  Alida is the daughter of __________.



Children Of Metreades Dwight Descant, Sr. And Alida Armand-Descant

Metreades Dwight "M.D." Descant, Jr.

 Elster Descant

Jimmy Descant

Elmer “Buck” Descant

Birdie Descant-St.Romain

Aline Descant-St.Romain

Freda Descant-Riche

Carrie Descant-Lemoine

Lou Ella Descant-Moreau

Nellie Descant-Riche

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