M.D. Descant, Jr. and Anna McDonald-Descant

I do not know much about the parents of M.D. Descant, Jr.  and Anna McDonald-Descant.  I do have some information however.   

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        Descant Family

      Descant Friendly


Metreades Dwight "M.D." Descant, Jr. was born on February 13, 1925 and died on July 7, 2007.  M.D.  is the son of M.D. Descant, Sr. and Alida Armand-Descant.

Anna McDonald-Descant was born on __________ and died __________.  Anna is the daughter of __________.

M.D. was married to Vivian at the time of his death.


Children Of Metreades Dwight Descant, Jr. And Anna McDonald

Don P. Descant

Kay Descant-Lee

Metreades D. "Dwight." Descant, III

Charles T. "Chuck" Descant

Trent Descant

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